HQP-BPlayer Standalone R1.41 Release Note

Posted in Release Note on Tuesday, 20 November 2012.

1. Fixed synchronization problem when using loop playlist in Master/Backup mode.
2. Add a function of 3 Logos, 3 Logos can always display on screen.
3. Fixed issue when spare playlist arraganged in the end of daily playplst.
4. Add a backup cynchronization function for manually synchronizing when backup server re-connect.
to Master server, user can easily sychronize Backup server to Master server.
5. Fiexd warnning message error issue when modify playlist.

HQP-VLib Server Release Note

Posted in Release Note on Thursday, 15 November 2012.

1. Allowing centralized management of media files and metadata for multi-channel
2. Support multi-channel playout
3. Easy to expend storage capacity via NAS storage
4. Provide mark in / mark out trim tool to edit video files
5. Easy to maintain video database
6. 2 HQP-VLib server can provide a master/ backup mechanism


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